Frontfin has been committed to the financial inclusion agenda in Africa for the past 10 years and continues to employ its experience, knowledge and expertise, through its trainings and knowledge events, to close the financial inclusion gap in SSA.


"Sub-Saharan Africa, with about 350 million unbanked adults, accounts for 17 percent of the global total."

Bringing the 2 Billion Unbanked into the Financial System, Global Findex Database 2014

SME Financing:

"To close the credit gap among Sub Saharan SMEs, we would require an increase of 300-360% of current outstanding credit."

Two Trillion and Counting, IFC & McKinsey



We deliver trainings and knowledge events to impart knowledge, skills, insights and ideas to make clients more competitive, while increasing their measurable impact.


Frontfin is singularly focused on equipping financial institutions to become high performance organizations. We believe that high performance is driven by better decisions, better practices and better mindsets in the core areas of Strategy, Talent and Operations & Execution.

Who We Train

Frontfin trainings are designed to expand institutions’ collective capabilities by building individual knowledge and skills to achieve strategic goals.

Who We Are


Frontfin specializes in providing training solutions for professionals and institutions in the Microfinance & SME Finance markets of Africa. We deliver the know-how that financial institutions need to fund microenterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our trainings are distinctively focused on helping institutions achieve high performance, increased measurable impact and growth while serving their customers. We combine experience and expertise of working with Microfinance institutions, banks, SACCOs, regulatory institutions and donor partners, in over 40 countries in Africa, to provide knowledge, skills, insights and ideas that will help accelerate financial access to clients. Our trainings are delivered by a variety of subject experts from and outside Africa. They draw on their in-depth research and industrial experience to deliver stimulating and relevant perspectives to your learning experience.

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