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Know-How to Fund Millions in Africa

Welcome to Frontfin a training company that believes in the dreams of millions in Africa.

Frontfin specializes in providing training solutions for professionals and institutions in the Microfinance & SME markets of Africa. We deliver the know-how that financial institutions need to fund microenterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our trainings are distinctively focused on helping institutions achieve high performance and increased measurable impact.

With our deep industry knowledge and expertise we equip institutional leaders with the skills and insights that will enable them operate their businesses more strategically and profitably. The ultimate result is increased provision of financial services to their clients. Learn More

Since 2005, we have trained over 900 professionals from more than 40 countries. We run Africa's leading executive microfinance training program - School of African Microfinance (SAM). Learn More

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Download Frontfin at a glance
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