Customer Service at the Frontline

The key to building and sustaining competitive advantage is to provide exceptional customer service. This helps in empowering your organisation to foresee and effectively respond to the dynamic expectations of your customers.

By examining common customer service challenges your frontline team will acquire tools and skills required to build customer loyalty and retention, knowledge on how to identify and deliver customer expectations.

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Effective Credit Officers Course

Credit officers are the direct link between your institution and your customers. It is therefore important to quip them with the vital knowledge and skills they need to carry out their daily duties of providing financial services to customers effectively.

They will learn customer service & marketing, the basic principles of microfinance delivery, how to build a successful portfolio and expand their knowledge on how to reduce credit risk.

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Operational Excellence

The key to gaining market share and achieving a responsive and consistent service is by meeting your customers’ expectations. Frontline leaders and their teams will find this course critical in positioning themselves to drive business growth as they interact directly with customers on a daily basis.

Through this course they will learn how to meet customer demand and propel business growth by learning how to streamline processes so as to be more efficient and improve the quality of services

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